Jogger pants have turned out to be great fashion statement. Did we say that they’re just meant for jogging? These relaxed pants that feature tapered ankles have been spot on for both men as well as women for distinct style and comfort. If you think you will be better with a Jogger on, then here are some pointers and ideas on how to choose one:

1. Choosing the right material:

There are several material types for Joggers to choose from. Knitted sweatpants are great for lounging and when you need to run errands. Though the joggers are comfy with a pajamas-like feel, the more fitted legs and the tapered ankle will give you a look like more pulled together. During summers go for lighter and airier pairs. A linen pair or lightweight cotton, preferably organic cotton, is excellent for this. If you are looking for some added insulation, don’t go further than heavier fabrics such as wool or fleece-lined jogger pants.

2. Choose a black pair made of nice material to create a dressy look:

Choose a black pair made of nice fabric material to create a dressier look. Though most jogger pants are casual wears, you can actually dress them up, too. If you are looking to put these on for dressier nights out or for work, pick one that features a nice material and that is dark coloured. Other choice of materials includes linen, corduroy, tweed and leather.

3. Try out with multiple colours and patterns:

There are jogger pants available in every pattern and colour under the sun. Bold patterns are such a fun statement! It, for sure, doesn’t have the versatility of a solid colour. Go for a solid statement colour such as neon green. Think of how a pair will go into your current wardrobe. The ideal thing to look for is a pair that will team up with your tops and shoes.

4. Stick to the details:

Not all jogger pants are the same. Some feature an obviously plain look. There are others with fun details with a splash of trendy characteristics and tantalizing looks. Why not go for one having metallic zippers on the ankles or a multi-coloured drawstring somewhat about the waist. For instance, a solid pair featuring an all different colour or fabric cuff about the ankles produces a strikingly contrasting look.