Stripes and Plaids? Mermaid and cheetah print? Prints and Patterns and more of them, Here are some quick hacks to mix prints and patters like a pro:

One print, one time:

When you are mixing and matching various patterns, start from a single print as base of your ensemble and top it off with additional prints as accent pieces. This is a great way to coordinate colours and give it a complete look.

Use neutrals:

You will find patterns that are ‘neutrals’ which can almost go with anything. This includes plaids, stripes and even more animal prints including leopard prints. Turn these pieces into your accent pattern and fall in love with the second print!

Match your Colours:

The secret of colour coordination is matching the different patterns of an outfit with the same hues overall, and in the case of multi-coloured prints, look for a single matching hue that is found in both designs.

Invert key colours:

A black piece with accents can be teamed up with a white piece having black accents for a bit of fun and inversion. Even matching complementary colours including green and red, orange and blue or yellow and purple can be tried to produce the desired effect.

Keep the matchy-match thing going:

Jewel tones with jewel tones, pastels with pastels, cool colours, warm colours, etc. Do you get our drift? Maintaining a colour tone overall to your ensemble, and matching it with mixed patterns is the mantra.

Layer it with Solids:

If print in print looks overfull, you can try putting some space between them by layering using solid pieces including solid leggings or solid coloured tank tops.

Innovate, Innovate, Innovate...

Remember that the aforementioned tips are no hard and fast rules. Don’t be afraid to try out new things or experiment with your fav patterns, colours and prints and find something that will bring out the best in you.

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