If you’re a boy, there are a few things you can always follow when choosing the right men’s short that will allow you to get your calves out without feeling edgy and self-conscious. There are many who’d love to put on a good pair of shorts even during the winters as a style statement. So we thought we’d rather offer you some advice on how to go for it with a few simple rules to pick out a new pair of shorts to wear:


A safe best when it comes to choosing the right colour is picking one that matches or something close to your skin tone. And if you have stumpy legs, it would give an impression as if they are longer than they actually are, rather than chopping them in half and show contrasting tones. Chino shorts, for example, come in a range of tones that go with your skin tone. If you are too much after skin-marching colour tone, you will end up looking like you’re going regimental.


How short is too short? A ‘short’ short presents a lot of challenges for men. If you wear shorts just above the knee length, you’ll create the illusion of longish legs. If you pick anything below the knee, it is likely that your legs would appear short and stumpy. If you aren’t tall enough, then it is easier to pull off a short length shorts. Knee length shorts, if rolled up, is an instant hit that can easily fit into any man’ wardrobe. If you need to dress up for a formal occasion, simply pair a denim pair with an Oxford shirt, or wear a pair of trainers.


If you are not happy with your ‘ho-hum’ pair of shorts, then you can shift gears opting for a patterned pair. You may improvise as well with somewhat linear patterns. Because patterned bottoms can clash with patterned tops or shirts, it is best to team them up with something little simpler.


When it comes to fitting, go for a slim-fitting pair of shorts if you want your legs to appear long and lean. If it’s too baggy, it’s most likely that you’d drown your legs and look shorter; if it’s too tight, it can turn out to be unflattering. Because most denim and chinos above-the-knee shorts are slim-fit, you are offered with a gamut of choice in the market place. You can style the classic options to suit almost every occasion and they can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe.

Finally, let not those social insecurities stop you from putting on a pair of nice shorts that’d keep you really cool and comfortable. Right, haters don’t prosper...not at all!