How often have we felt that there is no chance cycling shorts can be worn in real life? But boy, didn’t we actually stumble upon a dozen cool trends with cycling shorts on? This is the way of fashion! The bike short has gone full circle to become a fashion trend this season. And what’s more when you don’t need to spend on fur sliders and a V-neck buttoned up corset.

There are netted cycling shorts, which are kind of semi-see-through, which girls can pair with a sheer, pleated, baggy puffy top. Accessorize it with a sock boot if you want. Dress head to toe up in pea green color for a really flattering look.

Dress it up chic with a plain and casual shirt (which demands some level of office appropriateness, of course) and pair it with a blue cycling short that will absolutely turn some heads towards you.

Next, how about a modish faux fur coat teamed up with a pair of cycling shorts plus thigh high boots into the mix? Perfect for a cool and free-spirited girl! This most definitely will add some ‘oomph’ and attitude to your fashion sense.

If you think bike shorts are worn only for actual cycling. Think again. Just throw on a super causal modish kimono and pair it with a bike short. You are almost guaranteed to steal a few looks and heart.

A pretty wrap-around shirt can do wonders at offering you a waist and simply enough details as a top when teamed it up with a cycling short – an eye-catchy fashion outfit idea for the coming season.

Why not sport a pink fur jacket donning a matching cycling short, and call the shorts this season with an absolutely modish and sophisticated look?

These are some of the most surprising, yet fabulous ways to wearing cycling short for a seriously killer look and would make you stand out this season!

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