Leggings can be your fav this summer. And with leggings, there’s every reason why you wouldn’t go barely legged this summer! This versatile piece can make one highly practical and stylish outfit this season. But how do you wear one? And if there are any rules on how to wear leggings, here are they:

1. Leggings for extra warmth:

Leggings can help prevent sunburn and give you that extra bit of warmth when the sun goes into hiding. Now this brings us to what is best as a legging material? Anything light-weight and breathable – organic cotton is real comfortable and great to wear with anything.

2. Just great as a transitional piece:

Agree that leggings are much more flattering than most other summer wear? Leggings compliment well with the sundresses and tunics. But pick one that elongates your legs instead of actually shortening them.

3. For barely-there outfits:

Cotton stretchy leggings go well with jersey tank dresses and slip dresses.

4. Printed legging rule the roost:

Looking to invest in a pair of leggings this summer? The best pick is opaque black leggings, obviously the most supple, flattering, and trendiest. But ensure you try the leggings before you decide to buy one as printed patterns are never one and the same – especially when the pattern looks not as cool and cute when stretched out to when you first saw them on the store hanger.

5. Way to wear yoga pants:

Yoga pants are all about super-comfort. Look for something that is highly stretchable, breathable and fully fitting than thicker athletic ones made of spandex. These leggings dig in at the waist and once you step out of the gym, it can look pretty much flattering.

6. Selecting the right footwear:

The footwear you choose should be based on the length of your leggings. If you feel that your legs are the most flattering part of your body, then full-length leggings are more placable than mid-calf ones. Go for closed-toe heals, booties and sneakers that complement well with full-length leggings. If you’re looking to put on slightly cropped leggings or that of think ankle length, then peep-toe heels, ballet flats and sandals come as a great choice.

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