Ask your girl friend or sweetheart which apparel you’d look best. The reply, almost unanimous, would be t-shirt, and there can be no denying that. It is the shape of your top that usually brings out one’s masculinity, revealing your narrow waist and broad shoulder like never before.

Therefore, if you are well built, a t-shirt can enhance your physical look. If not, you will still look good. However, there is a caveat – the t-shirt should fit like a glove and flatter your best physical traits and for this, you needn’t have to put on a skin-tight workout top.

When it comes to the right fit, the first thing to look for is the collar which you need to match when layering. If you need to wear a jacket having a collar, just check if your t-shirt comes with the same shape.

Muscle fit vs. Classic fit

When looking for a Muscle fit t-shirt, check if it fits your chest and body and shouldn’t be tight at all. A classic fit is a one type fit all, and not to mention that it’s baggy around the arms and chest.

Crew necks vs. V-necks

Before we get into this, first try to understand your body shape. Do you have a small chest or sloped shoulders? Then go for a crew neck. It’d make you look as if you have broad shoulders, offering your body an expanded physique. Are you short and of average height? Then go for a V-neck t-shirt. They’d would make you look as you are appreciably tall, elongating the neck. They also strike a balance with men having narrow faces and long necks.

There are more styles to choose from: Boat neck, scoop neck or V-neck. Our advice will be not to go for them just taking them at face value. They can be trendy for a select group, but not mainstream for all.

Tucking in your t-shirt

Do you like to tuck in your t-shirt? Not a bad idea if what you are wearing is part of your uniform. However, you need to take into account the prevailing culture around you, the shape of your t-shirt and how your outfit would look like before you tuck in your t-shirt into your trousers. The best fit will be a combination of a short-sleeve polo shirt neatly tucked into a tailored pair of trousers.

How to style your outfit with a t-shirt?

Emulate the stylish ones, usually who wear a pair of classic white t-shirt with cool jeans and a pair of fitting boots. It doesn’t get better than this. Or, you can layer a shirt by putting on a jacket, checked or cardigan shirt and pair it with a dark denim and monk straps or smart loafers.

Hope this post serves as a primer for you to choose the right styling with your t-shirt. As we said earlier, the decision to wear a t-shirt or not depends on your comfort level and whether the t-shirt conforms to the curves and contours of your body.