Is there any good time to buy a new men underwear? How should men wash their underwear? We’re sure men they will be having many such questions as these on their inner wear, and hope this blogpost helps clear some of their queries in the process. Here are some tips for ensuring your innerwear is clean, hygienic and comfortable for use every day.

When Should Men Buy New Innerwear?

Men, usually, don’t go for new underwear replacement until the old one has developed holes in it and there are some who even turn a blind eye to it. Most experts are of the opinion that men should pick a new piece after 25 washes as the innerwear material would gradually lose its sweat moisture-wicking properties and turn out to be unhygienic for another round of use.

The Cut and Size Of The Underwear:

Size is a make or break factor, according to most experts, and one should always go for the correct size and also which he is comfortable with. Good underwear should have about 20-30% stretchability margin, and no less than two sizes should fit you at any given point. Look for the cut as it defines you comfort level. Adult men, more often than not, should prefer trunks over brief as they give them extra coverage especially if they are hairy. Further, wearing brief with formal trousers will be too conspicuous from behind (that's a bit embarrassing, right?).

What Should Men Pick: Boxers or Trunks?

All men make this mistake, don’t they? Boxers aren't a no-no for use all day long. Boxers feature an extra relaxed fit and should not be worn more than 10 hours at a stretch; however, you can have them on while lounging or sleeping. A point to note here is that boxers shouldn’t be worn to the gym. Avoid wearing boxers over other underwear.

Selection of innerwear material:

Men don’t have much choice when it comes to the selection of innerwear. However, go for BitzIndia’s range of pure organic cotton innerwear for men with modern cuts that is light, super-soft, naturally breathable, toxic-free and highly environment friendly.

Laundry Ideas For Maintaining Men’s Underwear:

Always use mild detergents to wash your underwear and then tumble dry, if you have one at hand. If you don’t have that option, you can allow your underwear flat to naturally dry out in an open space. Avoid drying it out directly under the sun as it will affect the fabric material. Never iron your underwear. It is also recommended to wash it separately and not to put it into the washing machine along with other clothes. Wash your inners regularly and don’t put on the same underwear more than once. Don’t wear the same innerwear you had worn all day long. Store your innerwear in a dry and clean space and not cramp it up in a small tub or drawer.

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