Organic cotton inners don’t just go soft on your intimate parts, but also great for the planet. The last thing that comes to our mind when we think about organic underwear is the impact on the environment. And how often do we actually think about it?

The oceans in trouble:

Most oceans in the oceans are subjected to slow killing by pollutants discharged from the fibres of our clothes. Environmentalists warn that synthetic fibres in the clothes are released into the drain. These mix up into the oceans along with the fibres of our clothes and those materials are consumed at large by the marine creatures. Not just aquatic animals, humans too get affected by these effluents when they have a healthy diet of fish and other sea delicacies due to food contamination. Thus, the clothes we put on not only pollute the waters, but our bodies too as long as we hold on to conventional cotton and synthetic fibres. Organic cotton is completely biodegradable and environment-safe.


Another thing that puts organic cotton in the ‘good-for-the-planet’ league is that it is free from any harsh chemicals. Ordinary cotton comes with chemicals trapped inside it due to the spraying of hundreds of litres of pest and insect control over crops long after harvest has been done.

So ordinary underwear can spell trouble as pesticides stick to the skin, and when you wash those clothes off, you send all the chemicals down the drain straight into the sea. Conversely, pure organic cotton underwear contains no irritating chemicals in it; therefore, your intimate parts are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. It is important to understand that by choosing organic cotton underwear from Bitz India you are doing your little bit for the environment, as they are completely biodegradable without any chemicals that act as pollutants to the environment. Good enough a reason? So give our wide range of organic cotton underwear for men and ladies a try, and save our precious environment.

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