If you are searching for the best hypoallergenic clothes, then look no further than a pair of pure organic clothes. If you are experiencing multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or in simple words extremely sensitive skin condition, organic cotton is the best pick. Here are some of the reasons why organic wear is the best hypoallergenic clothes, besides the fact they are supremely softer than other fabric types available in the market place:

Pure Organic fabric is perfect for people suffering from extreme skin sensitivities. Traditionally cultivated crops or chemically doused crops have turned out to be a bigger menace than ever before. This is because farmers use tons of litres of pesticides to protect their crops against bugs and pests, but those chemicals are retained in the crop itself which stays until they are made into clothes and other clothing products. It is well documentated that extreme skin sensitivity leads to skin allergies due to effects of harmful chemicals when in contact with the skin. Therefore, it goes without saying that traditionally-farmed cotton is highly hazardous, and thus organic cotton is the best available alternative.

Organic cotton is also one of the most breathable fabrics and best suited for people with sensitive skin or MCS as they want to allow their skin to breathe freely and avoid overheating, thereby preventing undesirable allergies.

Finally, pure organic clothes do not contain spandex or latex as they can irritate the skin to a greater extent. Also, an increasing number of brand nowadays are reducing its use as a manufacturing material.

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