Do you know that your polyester sports and gym-wear has detrimental effects to the environment around? With every wash, small plastic fibers leave off your polyester garment and mix eventually with the oceans. This is consumed by the marine life, and eventually has humans as the last chain in the consumption cycle. Remember these clothes may lead to a healthy lifestyle, but they aren’t suitable at all for the environment.

Most sports and gym gear come with synthetic materials like polyester, a poly-fiber, which could harm the earth. We, at Bitz India, have developed an entire range of sports and active wear that are made of soft and highly breathable 100% organic cotton wear. Furthermore, it is designed to remain lightweight, anti-odour, thermo or temperature regulating, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Wicking is an important property of organic cotton wherein sweat and perspiration are effectively controlled, maintaining the body temperature and keeping body cool. Organic cotton is highly sustainable without the use of harmful pesticides and cruelty-free too.

We encourage you to work out more and keep your body fit, whilst at the same time act responsibly towards environmental conservation by preventing plastic pollution.

Serving as an alternative to plastic and combating the Microplastic epidemic, organic cotton wear has slowly started to penetrate the sports and activewear market with its lightweight, zero plastic usage, temperature regulating and anti-microbial characteristics.

Care should be taken while purchasing sports gear featuring pure plastic. In plastic wear, the fibres are completely synthetic and manufactured of melted plastic granulate usually from crude oil and a combination of other types of chemicals. Watch out for known plastic fibres including Nylon (or Polyamide), Polyester, Elastan (or Spandex) and Polypropylene. It’s time to switch to 100% organic cotton wear for a better ‘you’ and the improved environment! Simply give us a call; we will show you the way forward.

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