A study by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on environmental-friendly production clearly mentions that it isn’t the best option to dye the material fabric. Eco-logic mandates that lesser the number of the process the t-shirt is subject to, the more environmentally friendly it is. A t-shirt that is undyed does not go through the coloring process at all, and this means dyeing the undyed t-shirt leaves a larger footprint. Now, you might think that the colored shirt you’re wearing is made of only this stuff. Yes, you got it right.

So what if you have sensitive skin? Is it still okay to wear a toxin-laden colored T-shirt? Here are some options recommended to stay away from the adverse effects of colored t-shirts:

⦁ Go for natural fiber-made undyed shirt. The recommended option is organic cotton.

⦁ Look for cotton shirts that are 100% organic cotton, with light colours.

⦁ Select light colour shirts that come with natural fibres. They have fewer chemicals and dye content and stay in the dye batch for less period. This means they had been dipped in chemicals and dyes for less period of time than any dark or medium colors.

⦁ People wanting to dress à la mode with an assortment of colors should look for logos that protect fabrics from dying materials (likely hormone disruptor, a carcinogen, toxic heavy metals including zinc, chrome, and copper proved carcinogens and formaldehyde). GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and Oeko-Tex these two textile industry certifications prevent fabrics from being subject to the toxic chemicals.

⦁ Try to avoid fabrics that are stain-resistant or wrinkle-resistant or those that have ‘repellent’ or ‘retardant’ finishes. They are usually coated with toxic or foreign agents that aren’t good for the skin.

We should remember that toxic-free and safe-to-wear clothing fibers come from the earth and not from any lab. Looking for 100% organic cotton wear online? We’re just a click away.