Summer has arrived and, as predictable, hot and humid. It looks as if there is no respite from the hot simmering summers except to protect yourself from the intense heatwave. One way we can keep our body well-regulated is through a controlled diet that allows the body to stay cool and hydrated. But do you think it’s enough to ward off the heat? Now your travel agency calls you up and tells you that your 3-day tour ticket to the nearest hill station is ready. You are excited about what a way to stay away from the scorching rays of the sun. Brilliant idea, isn’t? But then you still need to return to work, and holidays aren’t meant for eternity. They are ephemeral. Now then, what next? Plan for another holiday? Maybe not. Lock yourself into the refrigerator and stay indoors as much as you can. That sounds like a good idea too if rising electricity bills are anything, but manageable.

If you are still clueless, you should be looking at something vital that is to be done, but quite often overlooked. Your choice of clothes. Yes, what you wear in summer is more important than where you go on vacation. Agreed that you need to wear something comfortable, why don’t you switch to organic cotton wear? Read all our previous blogs to know the benefits of wearing organic cotton wear. If you think you don’t have time, let us explain.

Organic cotton wear is highly breathable, extremely soft and light to keep you fresh all day long. Excessive perspiration during summer can be off-putting. You need to wear clothes that exhibit better absorption capabilities. This is extremely important to eliminate odour due to sweating. Though organic cotton wear primarily has light colours, Bitz India has an assortment of catchy colours in all the segments of its offerings.Celebrate this summer with the Bitz India range of organic cotton wear and say ‘hi’ to the latest trends of breathable fabrics in the market.

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