Are you at crossroads in understanding what a camisole, tank top and spaghetti is? This rather short blog will take you through the subtle differences. Pick your style and fit, and team the right attire with the right outfit.


Camisoles make fabulous wardrobe staples. Camisoles generally go as an innerwear under deep necks or sheer tops. They come with noodle straps and, more often than not, are designed with stretchable material fabrics such as cotton spandex, nylon, Lyrca and organic cotton. There are, however, some that are designed with satin that are comfy as sleepwear. You may also find camisoles sold in the market having inbuilt cups, which means you can say good-bye to your everyday bra.

Spaghetti Tops:

Spaghetti tops look fancier than camisoles. Spaghetti tops are great to be worn as an outwear. You can pair Spaghetti tops with shorts, denim or sometimes even skirts and feature exquisite noodle straps. If you want to layer it, then don’t go any further than Spaghetti tops. You can fashion a dazzling look by pairing them with jackets, blazers or shrugs.

Tank Tops:

They are nothing but sleeveless topics having racerbacks. They can be either cropped or waist length. As they are wonderfully versatile, you can put them on as innerwear, sportswear or outwear in accordance with their fabric, fit and design. Easy? The factors above differentiate Tank Top, Spaghetti and Camisole from another; you can experiment style and fit the way you want, and put them on any time for a relaxed and chic feel.

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