Hot and sultry and balmy it is summer; it’s also the time to put on your favourite summer wear and hold sway over onlookers. Most of us would want to buy inners that are a reflection of the season’s hottest trends. But do we really care for our private parts? Traditional inner wears have done more harm to them than you’ll ever know. This summer, let your choice be 100% organic innerwear.

1. Our innerwear for men, women and kids helps fix chemical sensitivity issues, especially people with sensitive skin. Traditional fabrics are chemical additive-laden from pesticides to flame-retardants; we ensure we help eliminate this problem.

2. Organic cotton innerwear from BitzIndia can help reduce bacteria, as organic cotton has anti-bacterial properties that can fight against yeast infections.

3. Organic cotton is super-absorbent, comfy and extremely breathable. No one likes to feel and stay sticky and sloshy on those dry, humid and long summers days or while working out in the gym.

4. When you purchase anything organic, you are contributing to the environment in a small, yet positive manner. Organic cotton helps reduce the amount of harmful and toxic chemicals used in the production process; therefore, pollution from the textile factories and industries is significantly reduced. If we destroy our environment, we are deprived of our capability to cultivate fibres that go into the manufacture of inners and other daily wear.

5. Remember that buying everything that is tagged ‘organic’ doesn’t always mean ethical, but we, at BitzIndia, go the extra mile in sourcing raw materials from local ethical suppliers. This is the first step towards reducing carbon footprint our clothes leave on the planet, helping local economy to sustain.

Looking for organic cotton inners this summer? There is plenty to choose with different styles, patterns and colours from BitzIndia. They boast of supreme feel even after multiple rounds of washes. The best part is that you don’t have to burn your pocket to buy a pair from us. Check our range of organic wear collections as we are the most trusted retailers for organic clothing online.

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