Organic clothing is the future. It is never too late to realize that organic clothes are good for the environment, given that trendy product design is the order of the day. Organic clothing is ofttimes misunderstood. Here are few points why organic clothing is grossly misunderstood by consumers:

1. High maintenance:

This is a common misconception because organic clothes are characterised by delicate hand-woven yarn, dyeing with customised style, cut, etc. Remember that organic clothing can last longer than any other mainstream garments with a short shell life after a few washes.

2. It isn’t stylish:

Another myth is that organic clothing isn’t stylish. Not just organic clothes, any other garment can outgrow fashion with continuous wear over a period of time. Why not pair it with the newest accessories to look trendy and fashionable?

3. It’s expensive:

While is it understandable that organic clothes are slightly expensive, they have higher withstanding capabilities than other garments. It must be noted that this slightly high price tag of organic wear is due to their unique weaves, styles and dyes cuts, though they shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

4. It’s rustic:

Sustainable fashion including Khadi, muslins and organic cotton are regarded coarse and things of the past. Organic cotton, according to most fashionistas, goes quite well with today’s’ fads.

5. It’s not quite easy to find:

Organic wear brands are growing in numbers and it’s not a task to find them online and at major stores, outlets and malls. This means you have more designers and labels coming up which makes them easily accessible and available. There are quite a number of local manufacturers these days that make good organic wear brands.

6. Made only for the Hippies:

Is organic wear only for the fashion-minded? Not so, even ordinary people can take delight in adopting sustainable eco-fashion in various forms and make it their lifestyle. The range of organic wear available these days allows you to be environmentally conscious too!

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