Welcome you to the world of intimate secret. Bitzindia’s inners and intimates for girls look cool, feel cool and do great. Does your kid have a sensitive skin? Does her skin have rashes? And it is likely that she will develop sensitive skin, and need to fight dry skin every winter. Though the skin is quite sensitive in nature, there are certain body parts that are as sensitive as the skin, and, mind you, these body parts are quite important each one serving its own function; these body parts just show how valuable we find them to be.

So when you are buying undies and bra that are going to rub up against these sensitive parts of you, particularly, if you are already a sensitive-skin girl, going for organic cotton, all-natural materials is the way forward. Organic, non-toxic cotton is soft, supple and best for the skin and great for the planet too. The good news is that BitzIndia makes organic cotton undies and intimates for girls that look hot too, though it wasn’t the case when organic cotton wear first started emerging in the Indian marketplace in the early 2000s. That has dramatically changed over the course of a decade, and BitzIndia is light years ahead with 100% pure organic cotton basic everyday wear including leggings, cycling shorts, tees, vests, panties, bloomers, camisoles, briefs with an exclusive section for kids online.

BitzIndia sources only cotton GOTS certified organic materials from farms that are certified to ensure good wages in their supply chain. BitzIndia don’t use dyes, but when they do use dyes, they ensure they are non-toxic, low-impact that are certified to OEKO-TEX standards a certified body for determining if products meet stringent standards for skin safety, all of which you can check in the individual product description. BitzIndia ensures you don’t have to keep wearing the same inner wear day in and out, with fabulous colours, design, styles and patterns. It throws the word “delightful” around everywhere…but let’s say it makes you ladies feel really good!

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