Summers are still a few months away, and, without doubt, the effect of global warming has had its toll on the rise in temperature resulting in hot and humid Indian summers. Organic cotton has excellent cooling properties and is one of the best fabrics to beat the heat hands down. Cotton fibres ensure the fabric stay away from the skin producing a thin layer of air. The air gap not only keeps you cool during the hot summers, but also warm in the biting cold of winters. In summer, body cools when air between organic clothes and skin caresses moist skin. The fibre specifics of organic cotton make sure the body temperature is reduced fast, whilst at the same it can offer thermal insulation against the bitter cold.

Organic cotton, by nature, doesn’t entrap heat but allows air to move and circulate freely throughout the fabric. That is why organic cotton wear is great for those who sweat profusely at night time or women on menses experiencing hot flashes.

Wearing organic cotton Tees, shorts or yoga wear during intense physical activities can soak excess moisture, and absorbs sweat like a sponge stunting yeast or bacterial growth. Studies have indicated that organic cotton can absorb water by about one-fifth of its total weight before feeling damp.

In addition, organic cotton does not stick to your skin, and is therefore less-irritant and functions like an air-conditioner for the body giving it a cool effect. However, if you wear a light-coloured fabric, the fabric may get heavy and develop moisture in the collar or armpits.

People who wear organic cotton may feel more odour-free than conventional cotton. To sum it up, organic cotton fabrics can help you stay less sweaty and fresh all day long come rain or shine.

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