Organic cotton has not only enhanced sustainability, or sustainable fashion in other words, but also the lives of millions of cotton farmers and cultivators across the world. Farmers of India, in particular, deserve better standards of living and improved physical and mental state of mind. Growing of organic cotton has helped transform the lives of thousands of farmers to create a sustainable life, and, in turn, they become useful and productive beings of the world.

Growing organic cotton through organizations help farmers and their families gain access to better water and sanitation facilities. Organic cotton grown with natural pesticides and fertilizers need a comparatively small amount of water. The objective is to produce 100% certified organic cotton garments in the marketplace. This is only achieved by framing a fully sustainable water management policy.

The entire ecosystem of organic cotton garments production from farm to factory is well established with global certifications and standards such as the ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ (GOTS). Failure to adhering standards means that the cotton that you purchase is not 100% organic cotton certified and is by large only traditional cotton available in the marketplace strewn with tons of harmful pesticides and other chemicals which can not only affect the consumers but the farmers and growers at large.

With the health of cotton farmers at stake in most countries, growing of organic cotton ensures that the health of farmers is preserved and excellent safety standards maintained throughout for the well-being of the farming community. When the world is shifting gears towards adopting an ‘organic’ lifestyle, it is the need of the hour that the government, along with the nodal organizations and agencies, promotes organic cotton farming and provides a fillip to the practise of sustainable agriculture. The aftermath of COVID-19 which has shook the world has already transformed the way ‘sustainable lifestyle’ is understood in the wider context of healthy organic living.

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