A rare, yet useful combination of fashion and fitness is pushing both the fashion buffs as well as fitness freaks to test the waters. For instance, the idea of mashing up a designer coat with a pair of leggings or cross-trainers can raise a few eyebrows, but the fact remains that workout, exercise or gym gear for long are turning out to be everyday wear with the right ensemble, while there’re others who frown upon such experiments. Nowadays, more and more people are seen enjoying meal times with leggings and coordinating tanks on. Joggers and a cropped hoodie sporting inspired prints or soft colours are as chic and stylish as any other outfit for carrying out errands in the town.

What’s more interesting is the use of organic cotton in making legging, tank tops and shirts. It makes a lot of sense as garments manufactured of organic cotton are extremely soft and quick-drying, and this means they can keep the body extremely cool and comfy even after an intense session of active workout. Girl’s leggings from BitzIndia ensure they are extremely comfortable and snug, and stay in place all day long even when doing leg lifts and deep stretches.

We offer girls a lot of reasons to keep wearing our leggings day in and out: they suit all body types and lifestyle and come with modern patterns and girlish colour gamut. Organic cotton is extremely light-weight, resistant, supple, machine-washable and pliable.

Our range of active-wear leggings is both fun and vibrant, breaking the gulf between fashion and active lifestyle. Therefore, when you pick one from our collection, it instantly adds street style vibes to any active wear look. If you’re looking for a truly ultra-comfortable and sustainable pair of leggings that also does its bit for the environment, you search ends right at BitzIndia.

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