We dealt with a post previously on how to wear a T-shirt in style; this rather short post will make styling it lot more fun and easier if you spend a few extra bucks for two or more props to go with your T-shirt:


Now shoes for men can be a tricky thing. Going for a golden (or somewhat sand-coloured) shoes —as if it would lengthen the legs—that complements your skin tone is a good ploy. Bright shoes make a statement on their own, better avoid them; anything high-off would be curtains to your ankles too. For casual and everyday wear, low-top trainers are perfect; a pair of Converse will be comfy, practical and highly durable. Woven slip-ons make a fab in-between shoe if you are searching for something summery with an eye for sophistication; you get the comfort of a trainer plus the benefit of wearing them in formal situations where Converse can raise eyebrows. If you really need to dress yourself to the nines, then loafers, the King of sophisticated Summer, will be just fine. They outclass any other available options save your short leg tracksuit bottoms that simply won’t fit the bill.

Colour Scheme:

Ensure you colour-coordinate your top and bottom halves to appear long and lean all over, without your having to go fully monotone; keeping things coordinated is all about making things simple. Shorts of darker shade would attract a basic grey hoodie for casual day wearing. Why not give it a much sharper look with a logo tee?

Shorts for Short Legs:

Colour – opt for neutral shades such as stone and blue for enhanced options

Length – not below the knee—too revealing how short your legs are

Pattern –shorts fresh geometric pattern will take onlookers' eyes off your small legs

Fit –slim or skinny— baggy shorts, of course, will look dippy if you’re below 5’8

Shoes –go for low top shoes to give your attire a super-sleep look

Shorts make a comeback every year during the long, hot and dry summers. It isn’t a bad idea ditching your old one and looking for a fresh piece, or even styling the old shorts the way you want. Whether it’s just an easy-going kick-about in the park with your chums or a formal lunch date with someone you’re trying hard to impress, there is no reason why you need to keep your legs concealed or less share of your legs shown.