Survey carried out for kids viz. ‘Parents preference for Organic Clothing for their Babies’ by a specialist in kids organic clothing states that 300 parents out of which 76% (228 parents) opined that they prefer organic clothes for their kids as they come with multiple benefits.

The data that has been collated from trusted sources including existing customer base, hospitals, etc shows that almost 76% of parents also believe that cultivating and spreading awareness about organic clothing have indeed persuaded them to arrive at this decision. As opposed to this, 21% of the parents are of the opinion that there isn’t much difference between non-organic and organic fabrics, with no further explanation to corroborate their answer. However, a negligible percentage of parents opine that it hardly ever matters to them whether their child wears non-organic or organic clothes.

The paradigm shift has brought a smile to the face of several organic clothes manufacturer who are buoyant about parents looking to buy their kids the right kind of clothing with no compromise on the quality, price and goodies that organic clothes carry along.

Parents that opted for organic clothes stress the importance of the skin-friendly nature of organic clothing which comes in a range of styles and colours for kids. As opposed to the general belief, organic clothes are not that pricier compared to the non-organic versions, but definitely more non-toxic and eco-friendly. A series of clinical tests also prove that organic clothes do not have any LED particles in them which make it totally safe for infants and toddlers.

The survey, which is aimed to find out the preference of organic clothing among the first-time parents, revealed an overwhelming majority of parents preferring organic over traditional cotton clothing. The popular questions in the survey included:

• Why do you prefer organic clothes in spite of their being bit expensive compared to traditional clothing?

• How often do you read and get yourself updated on the use of organic fabrics?