A new generation of cotton organic wearers have arrived. Organic cotton wear is here to stay! Designers are motivated to come up with more organic cotton wear in the market. Environmentally conscious customers stand at the core of the buyer’s ecosystem. There also has been an increase in the number of seminars, talks and conferences on 100% sustainability and eco-friendly techniques worldwide. Many environmentally conscious companies have been vocal about pushing for organic certification from farm to factory, whilst there are others that work on ground breaking advancement, improvements and development of existing eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton.

Because all organic cotton fabrics impact the environment positively, still others explore every component of the three R’s of the environment – reduce, reuse and recycle, on establishing positive alternative eco-fabric. Every effort aimed towards developing sustainable eco-friendly organic cotton fabric deserves praise.

We should be grateful for the inspired people who have stood to protect our ecosystem and the environment around. We, at Bitz India, go the extra mile in sourcing, implementing and creating organic cotton fabric that helps us to bring in fashion into our active wear whilst maintaining close co-existence with Mother Nature.

BitzIndia organic cotton wear, compared to the likes of traditional clothes, have explored new fabrics and fibres offering hope, vision and roadmap for the future of sustainable living. Through eco-friendly organic cotton we can most definitely better our lifestyle, health and our planetary footprint for the welfare and betterment of future generations. With several initiatives to save and nurture our precious planet, we foresee the arrival of cool and awesome fabrics and materials in our organic cotton clothing. Get in touch with us to purchase some of the coolest collection of organic cotton innerwear and cotton wear available online.

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