Wanna look cool at work with your leggings on, of course, without violating your workplace legging dress code policy? Then, you should be reading this blog to enjoy total freedom of movement, ravishing styles and stretchy comfort from 9 to 5. Here are our top 10 styling hacks for leggings when you wear them for work:

1.Layer it Up

Layers seem to have the answer for everything under the sun: haircuts, winter weather, cakes...and the fab outfit. If you don’t want yourself to be the cynosure of attention with your leggings on at the office, simply add some layers to it (it actually works!).

2.Bring the Blazer on:

Try pairing with your fav patterned leggings with a solid blazer over a button up or a tank top.

3.Wear a Tunic Top:

Pick any tunic top or over-sized blouse with the right print, and you’re ready to go.

4.Go comfy with a Big Sweater:

What else can you ask for?

5.Cozy up with a long Cardigan:

Adding a bit of length provides quite enough coverage for your butt and thighs when you team it up with your leggings.

6.Go for a Vest:

Looking for a streamlined body look? Pick a fitted vest over a button top or go for a long and loose fitting vest to achieve a laid-back style.


Leggings are nothing but an upgraded style of tights, right? Put on a coloured skirt over printed leggings for extra warmth and strong contrast, and to protect you against the cold winds.

8.Go Casual:

If it is a Friday, then you ought to enjoy your day of super-comfort, and compliment your dressings with a pair of bright printed leggings!


Put on a mid-length or short dress over your leggings for a chic and modish look. Just try to mix things up with different pattern and prints. Pick repeated patterns instead of images.

10.For an ‘Athleisure’ look:

Make a cool changeover from the gym to the office wearing a fitted leggings and a loose top. Carry an additional pair of shoes for a totally transformed look! Darker colours lend an understated look that is both classy and subtle. Strike the right balance replacing dark solid tops with brighter prints. Pick the right shoes such as dressy flats and low heels that are just perfect for an office environment.

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