Leggings are this; Leggings are that...Are you hearing this time and often? Oh no, not again for heaven’s sake!! Your wardrobe is stocked with a pile of leggings, and now you had poured cold water on the idea of buying more pieces this year. Take heart, you aren’t alone. Women hear it all the time, while few get on with it, others get dissuaded and feel the heat, here are the whys in a two-part blog:

1. Leggings are ‘SLOPPY’- these are the howls and growls of a pack of a snarling herd of leggings’ haters and naysayers. On the contrary, it has only gone on to create a "why not give it a try" attitude amongst the first-time triers, who easily dismiss the blah blah of wearing leggings as pants!

2. Leggings are no pants in the first place – this is a statement of the insecure and of those who are confused of what a pant really is. The Merriam-Webster offers a precise definition of a pant, by which leggings fall in the same league as pants. Ask any legging-wearer, and she will tell you that her priority is all about comfort and the feel-good effect. That’s why ladies wear leggings in the first place.

3. Here is some more fault-finding – Leggings exposes your body shape. But this just isn’t what leggings are for, aren’t they? Furthermore, if you are happy about it, why then bother at all? There are leggings designed to enhance, shape, lift and compress such that you can flaunt your curves rather than make them go into hiding.

4.The idea of leggings behind flattering is absurd, to say the least. If you are a bit plumpish a woman wanting to go for a pair of leggings, pair it with the right ensembles. But supposing you’ve got an hourglass shape figure, you may still look thin minus leggings. An opportunity missed to wow onlookers isn’t it? Leggings follow the contours of the body; therefore, choose your normal size.

5. Fat shaming trolls and comments are rife when someone over 140 pounds with the leggings on posts curve-hugging stuffs on social media sites – they turn out to an object of ridicule! But remember there are leggings of every dimension possible online. How small or big shouldn’t mandate the choice of wearing leggings. If you feel you have what it takes to wearing a pair of leggings, then there should be nothing stopping you from doing that. Game on! We will see more of it in the subsequent blog post.

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