Did you feel pumped up after reading the first part of the blog post. How much did it help you to change your slant? Do onlookers still go overboard with how you slip on a pair of leggings?

6. If the shirt you’ve put on doesn’t offer full coverage to your butts, then you’d probably invite boos and jeers from your close friends, or your immediate circle. That’s just not the thing. The rule of the book thus reads that leggings must be paired only with a butt-covering top or outfit. Now if this isn’t bushwah, we don’t know what it’s then?

7. With leggings on, you just don’t care one bit about panty lines! Definitely isn’t the case when you care to alternate panties with thongs. But is it good enough to brush all those leggings’ haters aside? After all what’s wrong with panty lines that they make such a big ado about nothing?

8. Wearing legging to work is a matter of comfort. Bathrobes and pyjamas are still ultra-comfy, why not put on one to work? Leggings are completely out-in-the-world outfit, whereas robes and pyjamas rule the night world. There’s a sea of differences. If you still condone wearing leggings in public, it is time you re-evaluate your priorities.

9. There is an increasingly growing intersection between work and play, between daytime outfit and workout garb. The thin line that once separated the two is fading into oblivion. When it is nice to have outfit options that serve the best of both worlds – work and play, why aren’t that leggings not getting the reception they deserve at workplace, if not legitimacy yet? And again, if not now, then when?

10. There are others who view leggings no more than loungewear, and that’s completely fine, given that their outlook is equivalent to that of a frog's life in a well. Leggings spell versatility, and even functionality-wise, they are second to none.

If you feel you’re as comfortable as coin with a pair of leggings on, then you thoroughly deserve it, and perhaps more!

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