Underwear that bunches, rides, or clasps in all the wrong places can spoil a workout. Also, as you bend, squat, and twist you don’t want your panty lines to be seen through your perfect capris. When it comes to workout underwear fit is critical, and at the same time style and fabric are also important. The best workout underwear is so comfortable you forget it’s there.

Nobody likes panty lines or a mid-squat wedgie that peek through workout leggings. During your sweat sessions your underwear should be out of mind and sight. Underwear now comes in all kinds of colours, cuts, and fabrics depending on your needs.


Wearing thongs to the gym will get mixed reactions, but there are thongs that are especially made for workouts. They have breathability and moisture control and at the same time give you the freedom of wearing a thong. An added advantage is there won’t be any awkward panty lines peeking through your workout leggings.

Sports Briefs

If you are not comfortable wearing thong there are hipsters. It is full- coverage sports underwear. Now, sports briefs come in sweat- resistant fabric which is lightweight. To prevent uncomfortable chafing there is seamless edges.

Bikini Brief

Bikini Brief has been popular quite a while now. They come in quick- drying sports mesh fabric and are superlight, with smooth waistbands. No matter the intensity of your workout these panties will stay put. Now, bikini briefs that are odour-resistant are also available.

Performance underwear

A new entrant is performance underwear that is not built into your shorts but is made for running. As you do long distance running these hipster-style panties wick away sweat, keeping you cool and comfy all through.

Classic sports Brief

The modest classic sports brief will never go out of popularity. Now, they are available in soft, breathable fabric that fights off wetness and odour. And throughout your workout it will keep you feeling at ease.

Style Matters

It is largely a matter of personal preference whether you choose a boy short, full-coverage brief, a thong or a bikini. What looks and feels best under your pants, shorts, or capris is what you do want to consider. The waist band’s height is also important -- as you do deadlifts or forward bends you don’t want the top of your thong flashing. You might think twice about wearing a thong in a cardio class of high-intensity such as during a run or cycling. As you work out the thong may slide around, causing too much friction and warmth; this can make you vulnerable to urinary tract and bacterial infections.

Flatter the look of your body

With the right underwear you can flatter the look of your body. To minimize rub most workout underwear is form-fitting. The best underwear will not dig in and causes unsightly bulges but fits you snugly at the waist. When it comes to workout underwear wide elastics are usually more comfortable than thin ones. To discourage roughness and panty lines the best underwear is seamless.