The colours generally seen on t-shirts are synthetic dyes. But do you know that they are a derivative of petroleum products, particularly coal tar? The textile industry uses these dyes to a great extent these days. The chemicals that go into making these dyes are largely carcinogenic or even explosive often extremely toxic. Aniline, the chemical which forms the basis for a widely used form of dyes called ‘Azo dyes’ exhale carcinogenic amines that are hazardous to work with as they are quite flammable. Besides, there are various harmful substances that go into the dying process including dioxin, a likely hormone disruptor; carcinogen; other toxic heavy metals including copper, zinc, and chrome, all proven carcinogens and formaldehyde, a possible carcinogen.

About 10-15% of synthetic dyes are lost during various processes of the textile industry every year before they end up into waste stream, and eventually enter the environment. Textile dyes are composed of complex aromatic compounds or arenes that are of synthetic origin, and hence not easily biodegradable when discharged into the ecosystem. Because most synthetic dyes or colors are recalcitrant, they are retained in flowing water such as rivers for long distances. This strongly affects photosynthetic activity, aquatic biota growth by totally shielding sunlight and using dissolved oxygen, thereby disturbing the ecosystem.

Sadly, the natural way to colour a shirt is something that most manufacturers seem to overlook. As a result, the garment loses its ecological tag. That is why at BitzIndia our range of cotton wear is made of 100% organic cotton using natural dyeing, with zero impact on the environment. We also encourage consumers to buy organic cotton, considering the adverse environmental impact of synthetic dyes and colouring agents. Do check the full range of BitzIndia’s organic cotton that is completely free of natural dyes and foreign substances. Still not convinced? Why not give us a call today?

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