The Indian summer is back, hot, humid and sultry. There can be no escape from it except taking a break to the nearest hill station. But is this the sole recourse? Girls may of course have better ideas, one of which is stocking their wardrobe with their favourite pairs of leggings. What are the ways by which women can wear leggings during this summer heat?

1. Rule number one is to wear anything that you feel light and breathable. Organic cotton wear is the best available option in the market which gives you an extremely light and airy feel.

2. The leggings you wear should go down to your calves, and not to your ankles. This will provide you with increased ventilation to keep you away from the scorching heat.

3. You should feel extremely comfy walking with your leggings on. It is important to check how you feel off on your skin before purchasing one.

4. Avoid printed leggings. Though they may look cool, the added layer of print will make you feel stuffy inside if it is really hot outside.

5. Without giving too much importance to fashion, wearing light-coloured leggings will make you stay away from the summer heat. You wouldn’t wear dark tops during the summer, right? It’s the same with leggings too. So if you prefer white leggings, this is the time you should consider buying one.

6. If you prefer wearing a high-waisted legging, ensure you put on a high top tank, and feel the cool breeze blowing on your belly.

7. Always select the correct type of leggings. Don’t buy Yoga leggings for summer as they are generally thicker than the one you use for running, work out and aerobic activities, so always select the right legging type to protect yourself from the vagaries of the heat.

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