There are tons of ‘do everything’ men’s shorts available on the marketplace. Most men’s shorts look good, but are they adventurous enough for men to involve in intense physical activities including mountain biking, climbing, jogging, running, gym or if you’re simply scurrying to catch a plane?

If you’re looking for hiking shorts, it should sport an athletic cut and material fabric that is completely stretchable. It should feature a thin and light fabric. A pocket for your map or phone may prove handy. The shorts overall should have a really tight fit.

The major factor that goes into the selection of a Mountain Biking short is that it should offer complete coverage all down to your knees with a custom fit, so that there is nothing baggy to catch on when you’re biking. It should feature pockets on the sides of the hip (so that you don’t sit on anything stashed inside the pockets), and an adjustable waist band eliminating the need for any belt.

For running, which is usually pushing one’s physical strengths, the shorts one wears should be the next to naked. If the chosen material is organic cotton, it will give you better breathability and dry out faster. A small zipper pocket built on the back waistband should allow you to carry your own keys so that they don't jangle.

For everyday wear, go for a pair of shorts that is extremely breathable, stretchable and quickly dryable. Pick one that is made of organic cotton fabric as it’s extremely soft and supple. Check if it has deeper pockets.

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