As the world speaks more of the ‘Amazon rainforest fire’ in Brazil, the more we see the clouds of environment preservation talks gathering above us. The shift is clearly towards adopting more sustainable and healthier products, and babies, toddlers and kids are never to be left behind!

No, organic kids clothes aren’t just a growing fad; it can do a world of good for your kid’s health and the environment, best of both worlds!

Made to sit on the fence? There are a lot of resources available online on how certified organic clothes are good for you and your kids. The popularity of organic cotton kids clothes is increasing because they aren’t treated with harmful pesticides, additives and toxic chemicals. Consumers when heavily exposed to these toxic compounds may suffer from various health issues.

When parents go the extra mile in selecting the safest toys, the healthiest foods and even the best-rated cycles, they miss out on giving them what snugs their body for most part. Without the right outfit young children are put to greater risk.

Experts are of the opinion that because children have delicate skin they are readily exposed to chemicals absorbed through their clothes. Recent studies have shown that ether, a harmful compound that is added to kids clothing, has marked relationship with early onset puberty in females, hormonal disorders and other issues later in teenhood.

Organic clothes are here to stay as they are soft on your children’s skin, great for workers and cotton farmers, better for our environment and natural ecosystem, and easy on your budget too. At Bitz India, organic is no trendy marketing buzzword. If you are looking for 100% pure organic wear for your kids, your search may end right here.