The term ‘sustainable fashion’ has become almost a buzzword in the apparel industry, and the shout for it has become louder and more vociferous than ever before. With the apparel industry witnessing a radical shift from ‘fast-fashion’ to sustainable-fashion’ concept, here are three fashion tips that you can adopt right now for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1. Buy Organic:

This is the simplest method that you can adapt and go for 100% organic cotton clothing has its own share of benefits. You are doing your bit whatever for the environment and ecosystem. Synthetic fibres are detrimental to your health and with organic cotton fabric, you have an excellent alternative towards adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle including skincare benefits. Besides, you have tons of good reasons why should you buy organic only. Not to mention they are super-comfy and trendy too.

2. Buy secondhand:

Not only is vintage clothing fast catching up with the fashion world, it is also redefining the sustainable fashion space. Recycling clothes, in fact, has benefited the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. This is made possible by reduced apparel production for fast-fashion outlets.

3. Choose faux

Real fur is often overstated and unsustainable. Replace it with faux fox rug or faux leather jacket instead to you produce the same effect without changing your fashion sense.

Easier said than done. Yes, you need to develop an eco-conscious mindset first, try it out yourself first, see the results practically and then encourage others to do so. As a matter of fact, sustainable fashion in every sense is a way of life and not a tool or technique as most perceive to be. Interestingly, brands like Bitz India has made it more trendy and fashionable for making its adoption easier among consumers. Millions of consumers globally have derived the benefits of early adoption of sustainable fashion either directly or indirectly.

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