There are several ways to wear a Camisole, but the key is to pick ones that can be worn in several ways to suit different occasions. Here are three quick hacks to wear a Camisole:

A base layer:

Put on your camisole as a base layer underside a shirt, t-shirt, coat, sweater – as many layers you want! Perfect for hiking, especially when the temperatures hit low numbers and gets cool in the early mornings, but shoots up while the sun is high up, shed the outer layers to allow the first ray of sun touch you. And if you need to spend some chilly hours exploring the city, the camisoles can offer an added cosy layer, though you can do away with a few bulky top layers when you have to move indoors. Even the plainest of camis in the strongest shades will just do fine – all you need to do is harmonize them with several other layers. Eye-catching pattern or lace edging will lend a dressier feel.

A beach top:

A staple for time-out at the beach when you need some coverage, but still wanna stay cool and relaxed; throw one on top of your swimwear at break time or complement it with a skirt or shorts and cool sandals for moving around – don’t forget to tan your shoulders with sunscreen!

An evening top:

Go for a matching-match camisole with stylish separates. Pair it with a linen skirt and fancy jewellery to leave you relaxed at the beach, or put on a jack, and add jeans in city dress style. Go for 100% pure organic cotton camisoles, perfect wear in both hot as well as cold climes. It is soft, breathable, odour-free and gentle on your skin. Wearing ‘fashion’ fabrics in the warmer season will make you sweat profusely. Pick spaghetti straps or wide tank dress, and if you want it, choose one having built-in chest support. A tight-fighting style will do just fine under other layers.

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