In India, the long summers are characterised by sun-kissed faces, melting ice lollies and time spent outdoors. Parents would want to keep their kids cool and comfy in the scorching heat. There is one fabric that is expected to do the job--cotton. Better yet, organic cotton is the no.1 choice, offering you a peace of mind about what your kid wears.

Organic Cotton as Outdoor wear:

What is summer without the freedom for kids to go outdoors and love it as much as they want? Freedom starts with quality children’s underwear or briefs. Let’s be sure your child doesn’t want an inner that traps sweat and moisture resulting in nasty blisters and irritating rashes and annoying welts. And for kids to have a sore bottom isn’t good thing either. So what is the best fabric suited for child’s underwear?

According to Cotton Council International, organic cotton offers kids excellent air circulation. Organic cotton is 100% light sweat fabric making them comfortable and cool to wear because organic cotton comes with the remarkable ability to completely absorb the sweat from your kid’s body. Organic cotton thus helps minimize fungal breeding and microbial growth.

Show your child how you much you love and care for them by giving them more than just another pair of scratchy, boring and synthetic underwear. Give your child the quality and comfort of Bitz India range of organic cotton underwear and brief for boys and girls. Not just delightfully adorable, Bitz India’s organic inner wear are treated to vibrant, summer-friendly colours, cute detailing, minimal elastic bands and a tagless backing.

Join the Bitz India family today by choosing organic cotton underwear for your cute little ones.

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