Toxic clothes is no longer a myth. It is real and it is proving dangerous – tomorrow, if not today. It is estimated that garments worth $7 trillion is manufactured every year using a shocking 8000 synthetic chemicals. Now if that isn’t enough, our daily wear contains an alarming dose of toxins including brominated flame retardants, formaldehyde and perfluorinated chemicals (Teflon) that lend non-wrinkle and non-iron qualities, in addition to the spraying of insecticides as pest control on plants.

For over half a century or so, many chemicals have been in contact with skin resulting in several health issues including respiratory diseases, infertility, cancer and dermatitis.

The more synthetic chemicals your clothes contain, the greater you’re at risk of absorbing toxins that deteriorate your health. The largest body organ is the skin, and when toxins get into the body through the skin, they bypass the liver, the organ responsible for eliminating the toxic substances. Not many realize that that it’s the skin that helps maintain health by discharging close to a pound of chemicals per day.

Several fabrics contain petrochemical fibers that suffocate and inhibit the property of the skin to release toxins out of the body. Meanwhile, they lead to the build-up of toxin content, and may trigger disease states.

Two conducive factors:

1. Build-up of toxins in the body

2. Interaction of multiple chemicals together to develop serious problems than by the action of individual toxins by themselves.

Common issues related with chemical sensitivity include nausea, skin rashes, burning, fatique, headaches, itching and respiratory problems. If you have any obscure health symptoms that you don’t seem to have any clue about, it’s worth giving a thought what you wear on a daily basis.

If you’re a parent, you wouldn’t want the microfibers of your kid’s dress fabrics to be trapped in toxic materials. Yet, a new study published by Greenpeace study indicates a whole range of hazardous toxic chemicals that go into the production of children’s wear from leading fashion brands. Let us see more about how to eliminate toxin-laden clothes for the conservation of environment.

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