Camisoles are just isn’t perfect top for date night, or to layer them under blazers for work; we tend to conveniently forget them as warm weather essentials, and don’t consider them as “practical vacation essential” at all. Let’s give it a bit of twist when you’re on a vacation: replace the coat with a camisole; trade the dark skinny jeans for white ones and swap booties or pumps for sandals –there you’re, ready to go. There is a formula behind how camisole is worn on your own, and knowing it can only make things super-easy when the settings switch fast. Here are a few things to consider when you put on a camisole on vacation.


If you’ve have one, fine; if you don’t own one yet you need one from Bitz India today , made of 100% organic cotton--a fabric nice enough for any occasion, and highly versatile to bring it on your vacation. You can also go for lace-trimmed ones, in addition to the regular versions.

White Skinny Jeans:

Let a pair of white skinny jeans be your pick to pair with your camisole. Ensure it isn’t easily see-through and doesn’t bag out. Select one which is ultra-soft that comes with the right amount of stretch.

Straw Bag:

Ditch your leather tote and go for a low-priced straw bag. Yes, you heard it right. It needn’t be expensive. And it needn’t be too high a quality anyways, who cares when you’re on vacation?


Take your favourite pair of sandals with you one, two or even more. Pumps and booties are a strict no no. You can even own them in multi-colours and have them on vacation all throughout. They are so cute and comfy and sync with everything under the sun. Hindsight will tell you that you don’t even need to own any other pair of slippers than sandals. Agree?

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