A Camisole, also known as ‘cami’, is a sleeveless woman ’s undergarment that is loose fitting, which covers the top portion of the body, whilst, at the same time, shorter compared to a chemise. It usually runs up to the waist, but at times, cropped to reveal the midriff, or, sometimes runs extended across the pelvic region. Tight-fitting and sleeveless compared to a loose-fitting chemise and babydoll, Camisoles are made from light-weight fabrics such as silk, satin, cotton or stretch fabrics like spandex, lycra or nylon. It can also be made using blended fibres.

A camisole can be put on over a bra or even without one. Many camisoles are sold with underwire bra, and this means there is no need to wear any bra. These days camisole is more of an outerwear, in addition to the ‘lingerie’ tag, with the fabric material increasingly cotton-based. Some women are still reserved about wearing camisole fearing it can show their bra straps, though fashionistas believe it is a growing fad for millennials.


A Chemise is like a babydoll a loose-fitting and short sleeveless garment, though, usually, it comes with a loose fitting at the hips. In the yesteryears, the chemise was simply a basic garment worn next to your skin for protecting clothes from body oils and sweat.

In recent times, a chemise is a usually a woman’s garb that is similar to the old-fashioned shirts, but is normally more revealing and delicate. Chemise is simply a loose-fitting, sleeveless undergarment or sort of lingerie with an unfitted waist. It hangs straight from the shoulders and is loose in the waist. A chemise comes without any fasteners or buttons; you need to slip the garment over the head, lift it up or step into it. Looking for 100% organic cotton camisoles online? Don’t look further than Bitzindia as we have stocked a wide range of camisoles for you to maximise your purchase.

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