There are many amongst us who wanted to take the ‘organic’ lifestyle route, but do you know that even our delicate parts of the body are not free from artificial and synthetic chemicals? Reports after reports are replete with the presence of foreign substances in the garments we wear, especially our inner wear. In the US, it has been proved that a high level of fluorine content is present in everyday wear. That’s high enough to indicate that they were intentionally made with fluorine. These chemicals enter into our living system through the skin. It is as harmful as when these chemicals are ingested orally.

We don’t know how much chemicals are absorbed by the body at one time when we wear garments made of synthetic fibres. The bad news is that they do not break down so easily leading to health complications over a period of time including skin rashes, irritation and associated problems. Sometimes, even organic cotton wear aren’t free of such synthetic chemicals. That is why it is always recommended to use GOTS-certified organic cotton, and those that pass European safety standards such as REACH and OEKO-TEX.

Remember there is nothing like safe chemicals. If any fabric including stain-and water-resistant clothing, rugs and others are tested for chemicals, then it is better to switch to organic fibres. When it comes to inners, the delicate parts need to be protected against the harmful effects of chemicals. Adopting an organic or sustainable approach is the way forward towards lowering, if not eliminating, the chemical ingredients that go into making garments.

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