Wearing skin-tight cycling shorts can be challenging if one is a new rider, who often starts off with workout pants or gym shorts on. Though loose-fitting outfits seem to be comfy and modest, professional or amateur cyclists find that padded cycling shorts fare better in terms of comfort, protection and performance than non-padded types.

Protection of Perineum:

The lower part of the pelvis, generally called the perineum, is the area that is subject to most of the pressure from the saddle of a bicycle. Cycling shorts , in fact, come with chamois or pads designed for uniform distribution of pressure to maintain blood flow and render support to tissues that are most sensitive.

Wicking and Skin Protection:

Because cycling shorts are composed of skin-tight synthetic fibers, they offer supreme chafing protection and protection against moisture. The recommended fabric is 100% organic cotton which is breathable, anti-bacterial, durable, hypoallergenic and ultra-soft on your skin.

Muscle Compression:

Most cycling shorts these days are designed to offer muscle compression whose function is somewhat like compression suits in other sporting activities. This property allows the muscles to hit peak performance every time without getting fatigued or exhausted.


The most important thing that any cyclist would look for is stretchability and use of no excess or extra fabric, thus restricting unnecessary cycling movements and enhancing performance.

Wind Profile:

There are mountain biking shorts that give you the benefit of tight padded shorts designed with a modest outer shell. If you are an active racer or a road rider looking for enhanced aerodynamic performance, then skin-tight shorts are the best bet, conveniencing long-distance rides and making it less exhausting.

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