All adore the unostentatious t-shirt. Available in almost every colour you can think of, a t-shirt is an awesomely refreshing piece of style wear. Everybody would like to own at least one if not ten of them and fill his/her wardrobe with more, stylish pieces. Whether you put it on with jeans or layer under your favourite blazer, the all-season T-shirt is the ultimate trendsetter.

All said and done, picking the right tee is not a cakewalk, as it may sound, because of the number of unique styles. Slim fit or loose, crew neck or V-neck, and with several other options on the platter, how do you pick the right tee? This short blog is not an explain-it-all guide; rather it throws some light on how to put on your t-shirt based on the v-neck and crew neck styles.

Crew Neck T-shirts:

The crew neck t-shirt, borrowed from the shirt style of the oarsman or crew working onboard a ship, is nothing short of spectacular. And there are many who would describe the neck tee as something better than a white t-shirt when paired with blue denim jeans. Why not put it on like a layer underneath a crew neck jumper or suit? Perfectly fine for weekend getaways or day outings, crew neck tee can be teamed up with a bomber if you're going to a pub in the evening or, even better, under a jacket or a blazer a nice enough thing for a casual day out.

The crew neck works like a charm if you’re slight or your shoulders are sloped as it will draw attention to the upper part of the body giving an impression of square shoulders. You will look as if you are broad-shouldered and well proportioned.

V-Neck T-shirts:

Unless you are completely at ease putting on the plunging v-neck and wanting to show off your chest gains, it is better to say ‘NO’ to V-neck tee. Instead, pick a classic V-shape that can strike the required balance neckwear casual and smart. Alternate your everyday shirt by pairing a V-Neck T-shirt with your smart trousers and blazer, or simply go for casual bottoms. The V-neck is a favourite with short or stockily built men as it will help balance out their naturally wider face and round head types.

Last but not least, as a cardinal rule, the necklines of your layers should be matched with what tee you opt for: put on a crew neck tee below if what you’ve decided to wear is a crew neck jumper. Team up a V-neck t-shirt effortlessly with a cool shawl collar cardigan. See more V Neck tees made of 100% organic cotton on our website, and style up a notch with endless possibilities.

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