Camisoles and slips are two extremely popular women’s undergarments. Camisoles (also camis) are sleeve tops held in place by spaghetti straps. , a slip is a ladies innerwear of dress length that comes with shoulder slips, whereas a waist slip is nothing different from a skirt. The basic differences between camis and slips lie in the fact that you can wear slips underneath clothing as inners, on the other hand, camisoles can double as a casual wear.

A camisole, is usually, a sleeveless upper wear having spaghetti straps. Camisoles come with a basic design – front, back and two straps. Nevertheless, camis can be long or short, and feature a loose fit or snug fit. Camisoles were originally popular in the marketplace as women’s undies, but, today they also go as casual wear including sleeveless blouses and tank tops, and can be comfortably worn during the warm weather of summer and spring.

We have a wide range of camisoles made of 100% pure organic, breathable cotton. You can also find camisoles that come with adjustable straps and lace trimmings. If you are looking to give a casual, laid-back style, they are usually teamed up with skirts, shorts and pants. They are also worn underside cardigans and jackets. Camis still go under blouses or transparent or low cut shirts.

A slip, on the other hand, is a women’s inner beneath a skirt or dress. If you don’t want your intimate inners to be inconspicuous, or the panty lines to be too visible, you can wear a slip underneath transparent dresses. Slips are great to eliminate chafing of the skin due to the prolonged wearing of rough fabrics, as warm wear or to reduce perspiration.

Full Slip:

A full slip is held in position from the shoulders by straps, which extends into the breasts. Full slips come in various lengths: some slips go till the ankles; some slips go above or below the knees, whereas some extend to the upper thigh. Full slips are usually put on with dresses.

Waist Slip:

Waist Slip, also called half-slip, offers coverage to the lower part of your body. The slope from the waistline supported by an elastic band. Waist slips come in several lengths. They can be paired with a camisole instead of wearing full slips.

Slips feature decorations including side slits and floral detailing or lace at the helm. They are generally made from fabrics including nylon, polyester or satin. Nonetheless, slips are slightly fading in popularity these days as most skirts and dresses feature a lining.

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