Tee shirts have the ability to bring out your persona with arresting images drawn on your chest and use of catchy, vivid colours. They are on the rave these days, from polo to V-neck Tees and Y-neck tee shirts. There are several Tee shirt designs that will cater to individual preferences and tastes, meaning there is one for everyone.

The v-neckline, as a style element, transitions an everyday T-shirt into something stunningly stylish. It can accentuate the chest size, giving it an expanded look. You need to take a pop at V-neck tee shirts that have a casual style and laid back look, yet smart and generally fitted, lending your physique a muscular look. After all, it’s a man thing, right?

The Y-neck tops, though similar to V-necks in terms of style, usually come with buttons. These buttons offer a much formal and presentable outlook, yet still sport a highly laid back style. Again just like V-necks, the Y-neck tops are designed to flaunt off the ‘male’ in you with great fittings.

Polo tee shirts, the more formal type, are usually worn at work and in the summer. However, there are several casual types that bring in a relaxed look and feel. The men's polo, which usually features two or three buttons and a sturdy dress shirt style collar, doesn’t fail to offer a laid back look and exceptional comfort.

You can also find other tee shirt styles featuring buckles and pockets on the back and shoulders that dare to be different. The standard tee shirt styles have transitioned into these newer style polos that are here to stay. Is this also signalling a fashion shift towards fitted tee shirt? It seems so. The idea of dressing in fitted tee shirt cuts a wide swath of masculinity, which is why this fashion and fitness fusion is a sure cool thing.

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