Are you running out of things to wear? Are your churidar leggings lying, do-nothing in your closet? Not anymore. Here are six different ways to disrupt and reinvent the way you dress up your churidar leggings shared by fashionistas online:

1. Add bit of substance to your short dress:

If you’re heading for a formal occasion and find the little black dress too irresistible, though petite and dainty, don’t back off your desire. Just pick a pair of dark Churidhar leggings, made of stretchable organic cotton, and put underneath your dress. It will instantly lend a modest look retaining the style associated with your top.

2. Find something to match your Kaftan:

Kaftans are making a comeback to the world of everyday wear and when leggings are teamed up with kaftans, they add a zing thing like no other clothing would lend.

3. Making your long sweaters work:

Cardigans and long sweaters, once a popular daily wear globally, are lying in oblivion, losing their vogue. However, with a pair of body-hugging leggings on, you can rest assured that oversized sweaters can easily pull in looks. When it comes to fashion accessories look no further than an oversized watch, a sling bag and black sunglasses.

4. Fashioning an Indo-Western look:

Whilst slouchy shirts offer a high degree of comfort, if you don’t wear anything that is contrasting with some fitted clothes, it can put you out of sync. The conventional wisdom is that you should try pairing your shirts up with jeans. Wear something like a jute or khadi shirt to create a ‘wow’ effect; give a complete look by adding accessories like boots and silver choker. And there you are, ready to go!

5. Bring out the celebrity in you:

When you have to run a quick errand, while at the same time need to appear chic and stylish, you simply need to put on a tank top and lace up one end of it in a knot to dazzle the onlookers.

6. Crop tops are here to stay:

Crop tops are on a rave this year but they can turn out to be ‘run-of-the-mill’ if you keep pairing them up with neutral or monotone colours. Give it a twist by going for delightful yet bold colour Churidar Legging offset by a white crop top. A trench coat on top accessorized by a shrug, shawl or a sweater will render your stylish kurtas useless. So which style are you going to be snapping up next?

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