Is ‘going Organic’ one of the resolutions you made earlier this year? If you haven’t then you must try making it your lifestyle as you move along. The choice to go organic will be one of the decisions you wouldn't regret at all—the reasons can be one among the ones listed below or a combination of some:

1. Pamper your body with 100% natural products:

This is so obvious as almost all production (breeding or growing) and processing materials of organic or mineral origin are made use of: herbicides, fertilizers, medicinal products, plant preservation products and synthetic or chemical preservatives are a strict no-no.

2. Breathe easier as they’re GMO free:

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are completely excluded in organic farming practises. Remember they can wreak havoc on one’s most intimate body parts.

3. Vow for a healthier and cleaner environment:

Organic farming vows for a cleaner, healthier and balanced environment reducing the adverse impacts of air and water pollution; ensures sustainable development preventing the overexploitation of natural capital and soil erosion and inhibits the extinction of useful plant/animal species, thereby conserving the natural biodiversity in the eco-system.

4. Zero use of hormones:

Organic farming naturally checks and prohibits the use of inappropriate hormones and chemical growth stimulators.

5. Better soil conditions:

Organic practises are characterised by the use of suitable organic substances and deployment of appropriate agricultural methods that do not completely exploit the soil (e.g. light processing, crop rotation, etc.), thereby ensuring improved soil condition and preservation of natural fertility.

6. Improves health:

Organic farming presents safer choices in terms of maintaining one’s heath safely and reduces risk of exposure to toxic chemicals.

7. Promotes safer environment for workers and farmers:

Organic farming ensures a completely safe and healthy environment for workers and farmers, especially in the rural areas of the country.

Well, have a great year all throughout. Yeah, an organic one that brings out the eco-conscious nature in you.