Boy shorts is a misnomer for one of the most comfortable panty types that woman can wear. They’re stylish, chic and available in a gamut of styles to flatter not only a women’s taste in undies but also her comfort level every time she puts them on.

Their funny name notwithstanding, boy shorts are quite popular in the market, particularly with bodybuilders. Though boy shorts look quite a lot like the frumpy men’s swimming wear, they are, nevertheless, comfy to wear. Boy shorts differ from brief panties in several ways: they come with a layer of fabric that runs from the front of the inner garment to the back instead of the thin straps found about the hips.

Generally, boy shorts come with low backend and high waist (which isn’t the case always). This lends a slimming effect to the front as well as the back of the body. The fabric supports the entire hip region into a single shape so that there aren’t any points where the skin just out of the tight elastic line.

This also suggests that, based on the fabric type and elastic material that goes into it, women can do away with the awful VPL - visible panty line. When the body toning effects of the rest of the panty’s elements are combined, boy shorts can easily turn out to be excellent underwear for regular use.

However, wearing underwear not only tones your body but is also the best way to show off you're built. Boy shorts are available in a range of styles and materials to choose from: satin, elastic, leather, organic cotton and almost any fabric type. They don’t have to fit tight on your body. Boy shorts never fail to show off your body while leaving a little more to your fancy than a petite panty or a thong.

Though not outrageously sexy, many women put on the Boyshorts during workouts as they are less likely to move upwards and perhaps a few less pulling up your pants, thereby enhancing the comfort levels.

Boy Shorts make an exciting undergarment, don’t they? Browse through our website to find a wide range of organic cotton boy shorts with refreshing colours and best prices.

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