Underwear: Women wear it daily, so it’s better they get it right (much like their tees or jeans). Here are some of the points worth considering before choosing an organic panty:

1. Check if the organic panty is highly breathable, super light and largely VPL-resistant. It shouldn’t have the peskiness of a thong.

2. Look if it has a seamless finish under fitted clothing for a supremely comfy feel.

3. Most women go for a thong with their clothes on, but in the after-hours women prefer good frumpy boy shorts or regular panties over thongs.

4. If you care about functionality and comfort, look for those seamless undies that produce the perfect fit, whether you’d want to wear them under a silk cami dress or leggings.

5. Most women are very choosy about the size and colours to pick. The best underwear is that you even forget you are wearing one and that which never wrinkles.

6. And there are some others that come minus lace, have super thick sides, lie totally flat against the skin and don’t reveal itself with even with the lightest and tightest wear on.

7. How about a super soft and comfortable undie that doesn’t reveal panty line?

8. Understand that a panty is something that needs to be worn 95% of the time. Therefore, it should lend you an extended feel of your outfit.

9. Panties having cuts that are bit unconventional and flattering would be liberating.

10. If skin tones lift your vibe, then check for a few cool natural skin-matching colours.

11. Check if the panties you pick don’t cause unflattering lumpy bulges and that it doesn’t bunch up or dig in under a flattering pair of pants. It shouldn’t slide, twist or shift around or reveal itself if you move or start perspiring. More importantly, the wide sides should help panties stay firmly and securely in place — no one would like to have a wedge under a skin-tight dress or tight high-waisted trousers; definitely not a good look or comfortable feel!

12. Does the panty you wear currently pinch your skin in any place or ride up? It’s time you replace it with a highly breathable organic type.

13. The right panties should slide right up to your navel; it should hug you without necessarily squeezing your midrange. A good one shouldn’t make you lose out your shape or stay tight around hips during the day.