Ask us what the best thing about leggings is? It is their versatility as they can be paired with dresses, long tops, t-shirts and kurtis. You can be the ‘talk of the town’ if you team your leggings with any of your tops in your wardrobe. As leggings are made of stretchy material, they are snug and conform to all body types easily. Is the thought of going out make you dull and banal? Go for a legging with solid colours or bright gorgeous prints and make head turns wherever you go. There are also fleece lined leggings that can keep you really warm and cosy during winters.

If it is summer, go for summer leggings; welcome winter with warm woollen leggings. Wear decorative lace leggings pairing with the correct attire, of course on all days.

Types of leggings

There are two types of leggings: ‘Ankle length’ and ‘Calf length’. As the name implies, the former reaches the ankle while later reaches only up to the calf. Ankle length leggings are most suitable for winter as they offer full coverage and protection to the legs compared to calf length leggings.

Another trendy style is Stirrups that look great when paired with shoes that cover the foot fully. Girls and women find them cool to wear, as Stirrups have a band at its base, which, when secured under the foot, prevent the leggings from riding up the wearer's legs. These leggings are usually worn as pants and not as a layering garment.

How to wear leggings?

When you are wearing printed and patterned leggings, you’ll look fab when you pair them with up single-colour tops and vice-versa. You need to strike the right chord here; the bold prints are an instant attention grabber with the solid colours complementing them well.

Leggings tend to stick to the body as they are literally skin-stretchy; therefore, if you don’t feel comfy, simply pair them with sweaters or long tunics to get extra cover. Similarly, you can put on a long coat if you team your leggings up with a shorter top.