Thinking of buying camisole this season? But don’t know how. The first step is to understand your actual needs and your body type.

Stretch fabrics that feature long cuts are good enough for layering under sweaters or button-up shirts. You may neatly tuck your camisole into your skirt and trouser. Flirt off every summer season with blousier and shorter camisole, teaming up with jeans or tuck it into your favourite skirt.

The camisole tank top has become quite commonplace that there are ranges in all sizes from petite, plus sizes to tall and those that even comes in bra sizes, with some featuring underwire bras and shelf bras too.

The camisole can be the most basic outfit that every woman should think of having one. There are a range of colours to choose from nude, white, black and other neutral colours that can fit into your closet like a glove and complement well with anything that you put on.

So, How Do Put On a Camisole?

You can wear a silk camisole on its own similar to a tank top. Give it a pyjama dressing look by pairing it with elastic-waist, silky pants. This look can set your date on fire; you can also wear it underneath a blazer at your workplace, lending an ultra- professional look. The camisole, over the years, has undergone a lot of changes, as a fashion piece. You can find a number of skinny-strap camisole tank tops in velvet, silk and even draped in sequins crafting a fashion-forward look and feel.

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