Leggings are ubiquitous these days and are the chicest piece, yet the tricky style and fit of clothing. The super soft fabric can be comfy but can put you into embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Did we say visible panty lines? Yes, they can be utterly disgraceful and spoil an otherwise classy look. The best solution is to pick the right panty style for your leggings.

Visible panty lines are caused due to their having thick elastic along the inner’s leg openings. You may not have any issue wearing such panties with thicker fabric types such as corduroy or denim. But these panty lines may show up when you go for a thin body-hugging fabric type such as Lycra or spandex. Let’s quickly check five panty styles that you can wear under leggings:

Laser Cut Panty:

These panties come with ultra-smooth laser cut edges that are almost invisible under your leggings. The edges have silicone strips on the inner side of the panty that sticks to the body and offer a smooth finish. These everyday wear appear in several fits: hipsters, thongs and bikinis.


If perfection is the word, then this is how the professionals do. Go for a nude color thong underneath light-colored leggings, and for a dark colored one go preferably for black color. A thong is a way to keep panty lines at bay. Period.


If thongs put you off, try boyshorts instead; switch to full coverage from minimal coverage. Boyshorts will cover the entire back all the way leading up to the thighs. It’s bye-bye to silly panty lines.

Lace Boyshorts:

This works fabulously like a regular pair of boyshorts. One more plus is the lace fabric that comes with smooth edges which are barely discernable underneath your body-hugging leggings or thights!

Interlock Stitching:

Are you looking for an absolutely ‘no panty line feature’ in what you wear currently without the trouble to try new styles? You don’t need to compromise on your favorite fit, be it a bikini or a hipster. Any style that comes with interlocking along the panty’s edges is all that you need. These panties are designed with ultra-soft modal fabric which gives you a fit next only to your skin!

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