Though you may have stocked your closet with an arsenal of legging pieces, it pays to test a few of them out of your accumulated dozens, and find out what sets apart a fabulous pair of leggings from a moderately-good pair. Read on...

Wide waistband:

Go for a high-waist design; however, if the band is sort of too thin, it can still tuck into your tummy flush or reveal flesh you’d want to sweep under rug. The best one is that which you wear them constantly, yet still go on and on.

Comfortable fabric:

It is a nice feel if your leggings’ fabric is scratchy and uncomfortable. And what if you want to bend and squat, whilst at the same time your leggings don’t turn transparent and revealing as soon as they stretch? Some leggings may turn too petite for taller ladies: for some it may be pretty perfect. Check out our wide range of girls’ leggings made of 100% organic cotton with affordable prices on our website.

Good stretch:

Most girls, particularly those who hit the gym, would want their leggings to move with their body the way they want to. Come summer leggings are light and cool notwithstanding their full length, and are fully stretchable. The fabric should have a soft texture so that you can twist and turn in any direction.

They don’t budge:

Leggings need to adjust to the body contours quickly during workout. Workout leggings need to stay put from the time you wear them until the time you fling them off. Leggings that make you end up with one longer than the other is a no-no. Ensure your leggings stick firmly in place on the legs and about the waist as if like glue.

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