Let’s continue from where we ended up in the last blog: as we said, leggings can be aplenty, but it is up to you to choose the right leggings that you can be comfortable wearing time and time again. In this concluding blog, let us explore more legging options for prolonged use:

Perfect length:

If you are tall or blessed (or rather cursed) with long legs, you will have a tough time picking full-length leggings that are actually fuller in length. You need to check out the waistband, colour, fit, fabric and how they gel together in a delightfully comfy pair of leggings. Find out if the legs are proper long and that they don’t bunch up, and look rum on petite figures.


If you are into high performance athletics, ensure your leggings do not slip, and that they eliminate overheating and wick way moisture to get rid of chaffing, deal with excessive sweat and not to develop sweaty crotch in your groin.

A slimming effect:

If you are someone who hit the gym floor regularly, you should be aware of every bump, lump and jiggle when your staple gym wear item is leggings. Other days, you will only require a pair of leggings that sucks everything in. The leggings should be designed with enough compression to prevent the jiggles, but definitely aren’t the sort of full-on compression tights where you spend half of your workout time adjusting with them.


All you need at most times is a great outfit to hit the gym floor. You will fall in love with the print and colour of our women’s leggings here.

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